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Bright and Colourful Handbag Hooks

My most popular item is handbag hooks! Especially around Christmas time, as they make great little presents. So this year I will be adding more hooks more often to keep up with demand.

This month I've created eight new colours, all bright and unique. It's been challenging to keep them all one of a kind as I'm starting to run out of different fabrics but I always manage to find something I haven't used yet!

As with all my creations, they all require a bit of editing on the computer once the photos have been taken. Here's a peek behind the scenes...

Handbag hooks are great when you're out and about at cafes and restaurants, you don't need to keep your bag on your lap or place it on the floor.

Shop now and see the new handbag hooks in store, I'm off to work on new cross body bags which will be my focus for next month!
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Wallets in Store Now!

This month I have been working on new wallets. Wallets are my most viewed items in my Etsy store but it's always a challenge to come up with new designs. However this new design is one of my favourites and the idea just flowed.

My original design on the computer.

Picking the fabrics was lots of fun too, I love the colour combination of the three.

Behind the scenes...

All the pieces to put the wallet together.

Testing out the card slots...

And of course a helper... Luna was guarding the zips until I made my choice.

The wallets feature twelve card slots in the fold out front flap and a large zippered pocket at the back. All three colours in my Etsy store now.
Next month I'll be working on new handbag hooks!

New Messenger Bags

This month I've added three new messenger bags to my Etsy store in three basic but solid colours.

During the month I got a bit of help from Riley, my Selkirk Rex cat but he still left most of the work up to me!

Lots of pieces go into each bag as well as a few bits of hardware. Here's the before shot.

And the three after shots, three bags all finished and now in my Etsy store.

Shop now and stay tuned for new wallets coming next month!


This September I attended my second Hustle and Scout market and experienced their temporary location at the Old Bus Depot. The Kingston building was certainly roomier and I loved having a corner stall this time, allowing a new set up. While I thought the Hangar was a bit busier, it was still a great day and can't wait to find out their new home, to be announced very soon for the December market.

A big hit at markets this year has been handbag hooks. The hooks have previously been my best seller on Etsy but more and more people are discovering them at the market (and interpreting their own way of how to use them!). This month I added four more to the store, with the popular triangle print selling at Hustle and Scout. I've still got six available in my Etsy store here.

And a lot of September was spent preparing for Etsy's first charity fundraiser together with Because I'm A Girl titled #makeforgood. The charity is raising money to assist girls in developing countries ove…


This month was another free from markets but gave me a chance to catch up and make a few changes. I worked on improving my display by adding levels to my table space, made a few more pieces and spent some time designing for the future.

The improvement was in stages starting with recycling cardboard boxes from home. First the boxes were modified to create the right display and duct taped together.

Then given two layers of white paint to cover up the colours and lastly they were covered with fabric made from a tablecloth to match my table.

I'm very happy with the results, I can now display six bags on the table comfortably and create a bit more interest with more levels in the clutches area. Can't wait to try them at my next market - Hustle and Scount on September 12.

I also added new women's wallets to my store this month. Late last year I first made women's wallets and the idea proved to be popular. This time I've modified the wallet to create a smaller version, bu…